The Company exercises its activity in compliance
with the Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control authorization IPPC -
Final Act no.01/2021 delivered by Bulgarograsso Municipality
2021, October 12th.

Some useful hints:
  - authorized waste recovery:
70.000 tons per year
  - admitted storage:
1.543 mc
  - authorized activities: D9, D13, D14, D15 (disposal),
                                      R2, R11, R12, R13 (recovery)
  - authorized EWC: about
350 codes

The society was the first Company
concerning with elimination of refusals and solvents regeneration
to obtain both the ISO 9001 (quality)
and the ISO 14001 certification (environment).

The Company currently operates in compliance
with the following voluntary certifications:
  - UNI EN
ISO 9001:15 (quality, since 1997);
  - UNI EN
ISO 14001:15 (environment, since 1999);
  - UNI
ISO 45001:18 (health&safety, since 2019; since 2004 with OHSAS 18001).

The Company is registered EMAS (Reg.EC 1221/09) since 2022, Jan 25th - no.IT-002116.